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All Phones are not Created Equal  - Enterprise Report available £99.95
This Enterprise edition is a comprehensive performance appraisal of the call reliablilty of 6 market leading smart phones, including market analysis and appraisal of the merits of smart phone performance testing by top analyst Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis.

The Consumer Edition (Summary of the testing) will be available shortly.

Mobile Test Labs

Introducing the world’s first mobile handset review subscription service focusing on scientific, repeatable performance testing of the leading smart phones and handsets on the market.

Why Is This Necessary?

All phones are not created equal. When your call drops, mid-sentence and you blame it on the network – and you know you do – in many cases it is the phone itself that is to blame, rather than the network. But, as Michael Caine would say, not many people know this.

In order to get their phones onto the market, handset vendors have to pass certification and type approval processes, but these don’t include performance testing. In other words, it guarantees that the phone basically works, but not how well it actually works. And handset vendors and operators do get it wrong, releasing phones that they then have to recall, or delay launches for weeks or months because of problems with the handset performance.

But as a user of this technology, you are kept in the dark. This also means that, when you choose your phone or subscription package including the handset, you are also buying in the dark. Yet who really wants to spend anywhere between £10-£100 a month over a minimum period of 12-18 months when you might be tied into a phone that performs hopelessly? Worse still, what if you are a buyer for a company and have to provide tens or thousands of staff with a mobile phone? Now you really cannot afford to get it wrong.

As a reseller of mobile phones, in many cases you, as a company, are at the whim of the operator and the packages they choose to offer. So what better than to be fully informed in the first place and focus on selling the best performing handsets and reduce customer disappointment, churn and burn.

The Solution

Mobile Test Labs offers you the first mobile phone review service that is focused upon scientific, repeatable performance testing of handsets, covering call, data and video performance in a range of real-world environments. Using a multi-million dollar test bed, Mobile Test Labs goes way beyond the current test limits of most operators and handset vendors to reveal the truth about mobile handset performance.

In a world where mobile data and video usage is increasing by 400% and where the 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) era is around the corner, dramatically increasing both the capabilities and complexities of mobile networks, performance testing of the phones themselves is becoming more critical than ever. Mobile Test Labs provides the information you need in order to ensure you make the right choice when evaluating and buying not just mobile and smart phones, but also mobile data applications, 3G dongles and other vital mobile data accessories.

Mobile Test Labs offers a range of subscription or report purchase options to suit your absolute requirements, whether an individual mobile user or a business. We also provide bespoke services to resellers and enterprise buyers, so please Contact us for more details.


All Phones are not Created Equal  - Enterprise Report available £99.95